CCSC Eastern Trip - October 20-21, 2017

These pictures are from my trip from Amsterdam, New York, to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and back to Attend the CCSC Eastern 2017 conference at Muhlenberg College. Pictures are from my Fujifilm Finepix HS50.

Friday, October 20 - Amsterdam, New York, to Allentown, Pennsylvania

I got on the road pretty early, before 8 AM, grabbed a couple doughnuts for the morning and headed south. My route took me down New York 30 to New York 7. I stayed on 7 an extra exit to make sure I'd traveled that segment. I again hopped off I-88 from Oneonta to Afton to travel some Route 7 that I wasn't sure I'd previously traveled. From Afton, I took New York 41 south to New York 17, then across to take New York 79 south into Pennsylvania, where it becomes Pennsylvania 92. With just a brief stop in Susquehanna, I was soon on I-81 and in a construction delay. At Scranton, I left I-81 for I-380, most of which I was traveling for the first time, down to I-80. I made a lunch stop on Pennsylvania 611 at a little Chinese/Thai place that was decent, then down Pennsylvania 33, US 209, and I-476 to the Allentown area. I arrived at Muhlenberg [Picture] and picked up my registration packet in time to catch the end of the plenary talk. The rest of the day was spent in paper sessions, including one where I got my Algorithms text signed by the author [Picture], and the poster session/dinner [Picture] before I made my way to the Sleep Inn on Pennsylvania 100 for the night. [39 New York Roads Pictures][41 Pennsylvania Roads Pictures]

Saturday, October 21 - Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Amsterdam, New York

The conference got underway at 8:30, so I got an early start from the hotel and was back at Muhlenberg in time for the first sessions. After attending a few, I presented my tutorial, then over to lunch, and was ready to head home by mid afternoon. My route this time, took me up I-476 all the way to Clarks Summit, filling in my last gap in that route. From there, I decided to pick up a few more new miles and avoid that I-81 construction by taking US 6 and US 11 over to Nicholson, from which I took Pennsylvania 92 back to I-81. Just before the New York border, I left I-81 so I could enter on New York 7A, which I had previously never traveled. In Binghamton, I stayed on I-81 to US 11 North to New York 12 for another short segment of new miles. I again used New York 79 to get back to I-88. Fortunately, dinner time came around Oneonta, which means Brooks for some excllent BBQ. After that, it was a straight shot home, arriving around 8:30. [35 Pennsylvania Road Pictures][33 New York Road Pictures] - Wed May 16 23:01:07 EDT 2018