Dartmouth and Maine, January 26-29, 2001

This page contains pictures from a trip to see a hockey game at Dartmouth College and to do some visiting and skiing in Maine from January 26 through January 29, 2001. As always, I warn you that most people will probably be bored pretty quickly.

The pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display.

I have arranged the actual images on a number of smaller pages, linked from the text below. Some links are to a single image, while others link to a page containing a number of related pictures.

The Plan

Friday was the last day of the Winter Study period at Williams, with the Spring semester starting the next week. I decided that if I was going to do any skiing more than a day trip, it would probably have to be this weekend. Some potential skiers had other commitments, but fortunately my Maine friends were available. With the idea now in place to ski in Maine on Sunday, I decided to start the trip a bit earlier and take the opportunity to see some hockey - Union at Dartmouth on Friday night, before heading up to Maine.

Friday, January 26

My trip started in Williamstown around 2:30 PM, as I left the Williams campus and headed North on US 7 into Vermont. After finding Rte 8 a slow ride a few weeks ago, I decided to try to go via Bennington to get to I-91 in Vermont. The trip to Bennington then across Vermont [3 Pictures] to Brattleboro [Picture] on Vermont 9 took about 70 minutes. From there, it was North on I-91 [3 Pictures] to White River Junction [Picture], and the whole trip took just over 2 hours. Around 4:45, I checked into the Super 8 in White River Junction.

From there, I headed across the Connecticut River and up to the campus of Dartmouth College in Hanover. It was dark, but I did drive around for a few minutes to see the town and part of the Dartmouth campus. Once I found the Thompson Arena (pretty easy), I parked, bought my ticket and went in. It's a very nice place to watch a game, and a decent crowd was on hand by the time the game started. I watched the game with the Mortensens. Dartmouth jumped out to an early lead and extended that to 4-1 in the second period, but Union fought back and got within one at 4-3, then 5-4. They couldn't tie the game, and Dartmouth added an empty-netter with 5 seconds left to make it a 6-4 final [37 Pictures of the game].

After the game, it was back to the Super 8 in Vermont for the night.

Saturday, January 27

I got up and left the Super 8 in White River Junction [Picture] by around 10. It was snowing lightly but steadily to start the trip, and the roads were a little messy for a little while. The three hour trip to Portland went South on I-89 [6 Pictures] to Concord, New Hampshire, then South on I-93 [2 Pictures] to Manchester to get on NH 101 East [2 Pictures]. Then it was North on I-95 [9 Pictures] to Portland [2 Pictures] and I arrived at Paul and Julie's around 1. During the afternoon, we took a ride to Fort Williams and Portland Head Light [6 Pictures], then went to see Will Allen's new house, also in South Portland. We went to dinner at Governor's diner, then it was back to watch Union-Vermont hockey on NESN. Vermont won, 6-3, as Union took 63 minutes in penalties.

Sunday, January 28

This was ski day, and Julie, Will, and I left for Shawnee Peak around 7:30. We got to the mountain before 9 and got on the slopes shortly after. Shawnee Peak is a pretty small place, but the skiing was decent [24 Pictures]. The best-looking trails were either closed or should have been because there hadn't been new snow in a couple of weeks. We all had enough by around 1:30, and got back to Portland around 3. We met up with Paul and got some food at the Great Lost Bear in Portland, and cleaned up to go to Will's to watch the Super Bowl. Not a good showing for the Giants, Baltimore 34, New York 7.

Monday, January 29

I headed out from Paul and Julie's around 8:30, and made the trip down I-95 [4 Pictures] and I-495 [5 Pictures] and across Rte. 2 [11 Pictures] in one shot, and in just a little under four hours.

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