Baltimore - August 17, 2002

In and around Baltimore, Maryland.

Headed up US 1. [800x600][1600x1200]

Headed for the Krispy Kreme in Glen Burnie for breakfast. [800x600][1600x1200]

The Bromo Seltzer tower in Baltimore. [800x600][1600x1200]

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, several hours before game time. [800x600][1600x1200]

More OPaCY. [800x600][1600x1200]

More OPaCY. [800x600][1600x1200]

More OPaCY. Boog's. [800x600][1600x1200]

Penrose tile exhibit in the Maryland Science Center. [800x600][1600x1200]

More Penrose. [800x600][1600x1200]

Baltimore's Inner Harbor. [800x600][1600x1200]

Inner Harbor. [800x600][1600x1200]

Inner Harbor. [800x600][1600x1200]

Inner Harbor. [800x600][1600x1200]

Maryland Science Center. Lots of International Space Station stuff. [800x600][1600x1200]

Power Plant stores in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. [800x600][1600x1200]

Pearl Harbor boat. [800x600][1600x1200]

The Civil War Museum. It's what's left of the old train station, and houses a small museum focusing on Maryland and in particular Baltimore's role in the Civil War. [800x600][1600x1200]

A nearby monument. [800x600][1600x1200]

More Baltimore. [800x600][1600x1200]
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