South Florida on the Roads - June 29, 2006

On the roads for the day. Our route was down CR 951, US 41, Florida 997, CR 905, US 1 South to Islamorada, back up US 1 to the Biscayne NP area, back to US 1 into Miami, AIA to Miami Beach, back across to I-95, US 441, Florida 84, I-595, and I-75.

On the way down 951 in the eastern reaches of Naples. [Closer]

US 41 east of Naples. [3488x2616]

An 839. [Closer]

One animal could cross here.

Approaching the Card Sound Bridge.

The road on this part of Key Largo is County 905.

At the junction of the road on Key Largo to the Card Sound Bridge. [3488x2616]

They label that road as 905A.

Junction with US 1. [3488x2616]

On the way out on US 1, lots of construction in what seems to be a major widening project.


A set of signs to remind people to be careful.. [3488x2616]


Looking for hurricane shelter? Get on the Turnpike.

Now heading north toward Miami.

A 992. [Closer]

More numbers. [Closer]

It's the Don Shula Expressway.


The Snapper Creek Expressway.

A 973. [Closer]

Almost back to US 1.


It's the South Miami All-American Parkway. [Closer]

A 986.



US 1 into Miami. [3488x2616]

Continuing along US 1 in Miami. [3488x2616]



We'll head over there to Miami Beach. [Closer]

Road off Miami Beach back to the mainland.

Back to I-95 area.

But we'll take a bit of US 441 in search of dinner.

441 was unsuccessful -- back on I-95.


There's no Florida 441. [Closer]

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