Jacksonville, Florida to Augusta, Georgia - July 2, 2006

Pictures from the ride up US 1 that didn't make the cut to be included on other pages.

Starting out by takign I-295 a bit. [Closer]

Numbers in Folkston. US 23 and Georgia 23 both actually exist and share this pavement. [Closer]

It's the Woodpecker Trail. [Closer]

Low or Soft Shoulder. Either one.

Georgia likes to have lots of numbers on their roads. [Closer]

More numbers. [Closer]

Widening project north of Waycross. [3488x2616]

A new railroad overpass. [3488x2616]

US 23 leaves us north of Alma. [Closer]

Crossing I-16. [Closer]

More widening north of I-16.

It's a 297. [Closer]

Big closeup of business routes in Swainsboro.

Crossing US 80 in Swainsboro. [3488x2616]

A 296. [Closer]

Crossing I-520 now in the Augusta area. [Closer]


Lots of numbers. [Closer]

More of those numbers. [Closer]

Brief crossing into South Carolina becuase of a construction closure. [Closer]

Lots of numbers in S.C. also. [Closer]

And quickly back into Georgia. [Closer]

At the end of the day, taken on the Bobby Jones Expressway.
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