Augusta, Georgia, to Stephens City, Virginia - July 3, 2006

The pictures from the roads that didn't make another page. The ride was I-20 East to I-77 North to the Blue Ridge Parkway North to US 220 and I-581 to I-81 North.

Morning in Augusta. [Closer]

We're not going on I-520, but it starts here. [Closer]

Onto I-20 East in Augusta. [Closer]

And across the Savannah River.

And into South Carolina. [Closer]

After a gas stop in Aiken. [Closer]

In Aiken. [Closer]

I-20 in South Carolina. [Closer]

A US 378 sign. [Closer]

Crossing I-26 near Columbia. [Closer]


Coming up to I-77. [Closer]


To get onto I-77 North, we actually continue along I-20. cross under the highway, and get back onto the exit the other way. [Closer]



On I-77 in South Carolina. [Closer]

Coming up on the Charlotte beltway.


And into North Carolina on I-77. [Closer]

Continuing through Charlotte. [Closer]

Crossing I-85. [Closer]


Crossing I-40.



At the little stub of I-74 in northern North Carolina. [Closer]

We join I-74 for a few miles, then it disappears until Cincinnatti. [Closer]

It's a 620.

Entering Virginia. [Closer]

Our exit for the Blue Ridge Parkway. [Closer]

Neither of those US highways exist. [Closer]

No big trucks on US 52.

A 683. [Closer]

A 419 in Roanoke. [Closer]

The start of the short I-581 spur. [3488x2616]

Coming up on I-81. [Closer]


North on I-81. [Closer]

A 717.
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