Stephens City, Virginia to Williamstown, Massachusetts - July 4, 2006

Along the roads: Virginia 277 to US 340 to US 15 to I-81 to I-78 to I-287 to I-87 to I-787.

Northern Virginia. [Closer]

Dinosaur Land! [3488x2616]

Lots of US highways in Virginia. [Closer]

US 255 doesn't exist. [Closer]

A 612. [Closer]

And into West Virginia. [3488x2616]

Heading down to the Shenandoah along US 340.

And crossing. [3488x2616]

A bit further, we enter Virginia breifly. [3488x2616]

Then across the Potomac into Maryland. [Closer]

Jumping ahead to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area. [Closer]

And to the Allentown, Pennsylvania, area. [Closer]

And into New Jersey. [Closer]
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