From Omaha - July 29-31, 2018

These are the pictures from the last part of our quick 2018 Midwest trip, which is just the ride from Omaha back home to Amsterdam.

July 29: Papillion, Nebraska, to Peoria, Illinois

With only a few hundred miles to cover, we spent a good chunk of the day in Papillion, getting on the road after 2 PM. Having done I-80 a few too many times, we decided to try US 34 across southern Iowa. The road is marked almost entirely at 55 MPH, but we still made some pretty good time. There are plenty of lengthy passing zones and climbing lanes to keep from being stuck behind anyone in no hurry. We made a quick stop for a little food and to switch drivers in Osceola, gas in Mount Pleasant, and more food in Burlington. By about 9:45, we arrived in Peoria for the night. Our suite at the Quality Inn and Suites was huge. Too bad it was for such a short visit. [42 Pictures from the roads].

July 30: Peoria, Illinois, to Edinboro, Pennsylvania

We got a good start from Peoria, on the road about 8:15. Continuing the effort to find a new way, we took I-74 to I-55, then got onto US 24 for the ride across the rest of Illinois. In Kentland, Indiana, we switched to US 52 to swing past Lafayette for more lunch options (and more stretches with 4 lanes). Lunch there worked well, as did the ride up to Toledo, where we joined the more familiar Ohio Turnpike. Even with the more interesting route and the lunch detour, we made it almost on time to the Lake County Captains game in Eastlake, Ohio [17 Pictures]. After the game, we continued on a bit further, arriving around 11:30 for our night in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. [102 Pictures from the roads].

July 31: Edinboro, Pennsylvania, to Amsterdam, New York

We got on the road from Edinboro around 9:30. This was all familiar roads, including Transit Road where were found our lunches. From there, it was a straight shot home on the Thruway, with the only delay being for paving when we got off Exit 28 in Fultonville. We arrived home a little after 4:00. - Sun Aug 26 23:26:26 EDT 2018