Ride up Tantalus and Round Top, Honolulu, Hawaii - August 21, 2006

We took a ride up an interesting-looking road up one of the mountains in Honolulu.

Starting up the road.

Part way up, the road was closed (at least the eastern part of the loop along Round Top Dr.), but we got this picture that shows a bit of the views to come.

So we went up the other way (Tantalus Dr.) and found plenty of great views.

Honolulu and Diamond Head from one of the early turnouts. [3488x2616]


And there's why the road is closed on the other side. Apparently there have been plenty of landslides. [Closer]



A viewpoint more to the west, with a view centered on the Punchbowl. [3488x2616]


Zoom in on the airport area. [3488x2616]

Punchbowl. [3488x2616]

View across Pearl Harbor. [3488x2616]



A plane taking off. [3488x2616]

Another view toward Diamond Head. [3488x2616]

Zoom on Diamond Head from the same spot. [3488x2616]

This is a narrow, winding road.

And at at least one point, too narrow for two-way traffic. [Closer]

Yet another great view. [3488x2616]

For a while, we went through some bamboo.

Bamboo forest on a hill. [3488x2616]

Blue children crossing. [Closer]


A stop at the Pu'u 'Ualaka'a State Park viewpoint.

First in a panoramic view from the viewpoint. [3488x2616]

Part 2. [3488x2616]

Part 3. [3488x2616]

Part 4. [3488x2616]

Also from the same viewpoint. [3488x2616]

And now over toward Pearl Harbor. [3488x2616]

Back in the other direction. [3488x2616]

On the way out of the viewpoint area, there was a lot of this cactus-like plant. [3488x2616]

It's the watershed for Honolulu. [Closer]


On the way back, the one lane area.

View from the one lane area. [3488x2616]



Continuing back down, another look at Diamond Head. [3488x2616]


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