Ride to Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii - August 25, 2006

The ride from Wailuku to Lahaina.

This stop is at the southern tip of West Maui, which seems to be a surfing spot. [3488x2616]

Looking across at the Haleakala side of Maui. [3488x2616]

And down at the surfers. [Closer]



It's a dry part of the island. [3488x2616]

View to Lana'i, I think. [3488x2616]

This is a winding road along the coastline. [1744x1308]

With one tunnel. [1744x1308]


The road is very close to the ocean here. [Closer]

With the high surf, some water and sand are washed up on the road. [1744x1308]

Smokey says. [Closer]

Salt spray coming across the road. [1744x1308]

A stop to check out the surf, south of Lahaina. [3488x2616]


I think that's Lana'i. [3488x2616]



Lots of surfers here. [Closer]


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