Ride along Route 137, Hawaii - August 29, 2006

From Ahalanui Warm Spring to the end of Route 137.

For a while, the road is right next to the ocean and at ocean level. [1744x1308]

It looks like it floods regularly. [1744x1308]

The blue book recommended a stop here to see big waves. [1744x1308]

They say that this huge chunk of rock was washed ashore by a big wave. That would have to be a huge wave. [3488x2616]

For now, there's a lot of good crashing of waves along this steep shoreline. [3488x2616]

One example.. [3488x2616]

Continuing south through the lush forest. [1744x1308]

The water is right next to the road again. These palms are hanging on between the water and the road.
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