South Point, Hawaii - August 30, 2006

Our side trip to the southernmost spot in the United States, on Hawaii's Big Island.

The turn from Route 11. [Closer]

Starting south. [1744x1308]


We pass what seems to be a broken down old wind farm. [Closer]

Stay on the road. [Closer]

The road narrows to one lane. The Stratus up ahead felt the need to do anywhere from 5-10 MPH on this stretch, signed at 35. [Closer]


A parking area near the South Point. [1744x1308]

Lots of high cliffs in this area. [1744x1308]

And some swimmers. [Closer]

This hole actually goes down to ocean below. [1744x1308]


One of the swimmers. [3488x2616]

It's apparently deep enough to jump in. [Closer]

This guy jumped down into the hole. [Closer]

Cathy did not jump. [Closer]

Walking over toward the actual southernmost point. [1744x1308]

It's probably right around here, but it's hard to tell for sure. [3488x2616]






Just east of the south point, there is an old burial site. [Closer]

The windblown trees of South Point. [Closer]


Back to the parking lot. [1744x1308]

And back to the highway. [Closer]
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