Union Hockey Senior Night

These pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera at Achilles Rink on February 26, 2000. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display.

Jeff Sproat.

Lining up for the anthems.

Union goal. Scored by Jeff Wilson on the power play.

2-0 Union, on a goal by Bryan Yackel.

5-on-3 advantage coming up.

A large contingent of hockey alumni and others in Section Q.

The Union team after Clarkson's third period comeback win.

Ryan Campbell in the senior night ceremony.

Campbell and his parents.


Jeff Sproat in the senior night ceremony.

Sproat and his parents.


One last stick salute for the home fans.

And the two seniors remaining at center ice.

For a stick salute.
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