Skiing at Magic Mountain

These pictures were taken with my Olympus C2100-Z digital camera at Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont, on March 5, 2001. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display. Most images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but are available in 800x600 and full 1600x1200 sizes by clicking on the links after the captions.

The base lodge, from the parking lot. We arrived before the lifts opened, so we parked right across the street. [800x600][1600x1200]

Another look at the lodge. [800x600][1600x1200]

The bottom of the double chair, the only lift that would open on this day. [800x600][1600x1200]

Getting ready to take the camera out after lunch to get some shots on the mountain. [800x600][1600x1200]

This is a nice trail we skied just before lunch, as seen from the base area. [800x600][1600x1200]

Riding the double chair. My father and brother Todd are on the next chair. [800x600][1600x1200]

The Green Mountains from the chair. Bromley is in the center of the picture. [800x600][1600x1200]

The top of the double chair. [800x600][1600x1200]

Todd on one of the easy trails. [800x600][1600x1200]

Scenery and people on one of the easy trails. [800x600][1600x1200]

My father. [800x600][1600x1200]

More scenery. [800x600][1600x1200]

Me and some scenery. [800x600][1600x1200]

Approaching the base area. Bromley Mountain is again visible in the distance. [800x600][1600x1200]

My father and brother near the base. [800x600][1600x1200]

On the ride home on Rte 7 between Manchester and Bennington. [800x600][1600x1200]

To see if the new camera can take road sign pictures - here's the highest elevation on US 7. [800x600][1600x1200]
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