Ride through Massachusetts - December 26, 2003

The ride out Route 2 and up I-495.

The Cold River at the Mohawk Trail State Forest near Clarksburg. [2048x1536]

More Cold River. [2048x1536]

Icy bridge. [2048x1536]

Icy road. [2048x1536]

Turners Falls. [2048x1536]

The recent rains and melting snow are coming downstream. [2048x1536]

Raging river. [2048x1536]

Looking back over at Greenfield from the vantage point of the river. [2048x1536]

A quick stop at the French King Bridge. [2048x1536]

The Connecticut River below the French King Bridge. [2048x1536]

A new sign as we get to the northern terminus of I-495. [2048x1536]
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