Maine - August 15-18, 2020

These pictures are from a trip to Maine, where we were able to stay for a few days with relatives who were renting a small unit near the beach in Ocean Park. Fortunately, the pandemic situation at the time did not require any quarantine for us to enter Maine or to return home to New York. Pictures are from my Fujifilm Finepix HS50, my iPad Pro, and Cathy's iPhone camera.


Saturday, August 15

We drove up late afternoon/early evening, with a Chick-fil-A stop around Haverhill [2 Pictures], and arrival at Ocean Park [Picture] around 8. [24 Roads/Signs Pictures]

Sunday, August 16

This was a full day in Ocean Park. [3 Pictures][6 People Pictures, 1 Movie]

Monday, August 17

Another day in and around Ocean Park. Beach, a little time in Old Orchard, a drive around the area, and a visit from friends in the area. [19 Pictures from the Ride][14 People Pictures, 1 Movie]

Tuesday, August 18

We got on our way pretty early, made a stop to visit friends for a bit near Kennebunk, then lunch with other friends in New Hampshire. [4 Pictures from the Roads] - Wed Dec 16 21:56:47 EST 2020