November 4, 1998

Following the second day of the conference, including my talk, I decided to take a smaller sightseeing trip. This one was across into Louisiana on I-20, North on US 65 into Arkansas, back to Mississippi on US 82, and south to Vicksburg on state route 1 and US 61.

The lens cap.

Crossing the Mississippi on I-20.

The Mississippi at Vicksburg.

In Louisiana again.

Northeastern Louisiana doesn't look much different than the most boring parts of the upper midwest. Despite this, the road was marked as a "Louisiana Scenic Byway", so I took this picture.

Did you know that Transylvania was in northeastern Louisiana?

It got a bit more interesting, I guess.

That sign says "Welcome to Arkansas, home of President Bill Clinton". Here's #45, and only 5 left (North Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii).

Arkansas is about as interesting to look at as northeastern Louisiana.

Still not much to see.

Heading back across the Mississippi again, into Mississippi. This part of Mississippi wasn't much to look at either. I think it's safe to say I won't bother with this particular loop again.

While I was away, one of my fish lost its mouth. I don't know how that's possible..

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