ALDS Game 4, Yankees vs. Twins, Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 9, 2004

Before the game, we were able to get down in the lower seats for batting practice.

Yankees stretching before starting BP. [2048x1536]


We'll be up there for the game. [2048x1536]

Joe Torre and Mike Mussina. [2048x1536]

This could be Ruben Sierra and Jon Lieber. [2048x1536]

Lieber. [2048x1536]

Alex Rodriguez. [2048x1536]

A-Rod. [2048x1536]

Orlando El Duque Hernandez. [2048x1536]

John Olerud? [2048x1536]

Gary Sheffield in the cage. [2048x1536]

John Sterling. [2048x1536]

Olerud and Tony Clark. [2048x1536]

Tim Kirkjian gets ready for an ESPN segment. [2048x1536]

Plenty of first-basemen, including Bernie Williams? [2048x1536]

Sheffield. [2048x1536]


Reggie Jackson and Willie Randolph. [2048x1536]

Derek Jeter. [2048x1536]

Hideki Matsui. [2048x1536]

Jeter. [2048x1536]

A-Rod. [2048x1536]

Luis Sojo. [2048x1536]

Torre. [2048x1536]

Don Mattingly and Torre. [2048x1536]

Jorge Posada. [2048x1536]

Miguel Cairo and Olerud. [2048x1536]

Enrique Wilson and A-Rod. [2048x1536]

Torre. [2048x1536]

Chris Myers with Reggie. [2048x1536]

Matsui. [2048x1536]

Bobby Murcer and Suzyn Waldman. [2048x1536]

The Yankees come off the field after BP. [2048x1536]

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