Maine to Boston and Back - August 27, 2010

These pictures were taken with my Fujifilm Finepix S9000 digital camera on a ride from Ocean Park, Maine, to Botson, Massachusetts, and back, on August 27, 2010. Images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but many are available cropped from the originals or in half of original size by clicking on the links after the captions.

Entering Massachusetts on I-95 South. [Crop/Zoom: 404x233]

And quickly, we have the I-495 split. [Crop/Zoom: 2034x937]

[Crop/Zoom: 2760x632]

I-95 South in Massachuestts. [Crop/Zoom: 1410x924]

[Crop/Zoom: 789x686]

[Crop/Zoom: 1341x1223]

[Crop/Zoom: 2327x940]

[Crop/Zoom: 1239x891]

Getting off onto US 1. [Crop/Zoom: 1814x510]

[Crop/Zoom: 2228x684]

US 1 South toward Boston. [Crop/Zoom: 1555x463]

[Crop/Zoom: 1246x565]

Crossing I-95 on US 1. [Crop/Zoom: 1032x1028]

[Crop/Zoom: 365x437]

[Crop/Zoom: 2517x1620]

[Crop/Zoom: 1883x921]

[Crop/Zoom: 2083x795]

[Crop/Zoom: 1716x808]

Heading across the Tobin Bridge. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 920x470]

And into Boston. [Crop/Zoom: 979x385]

[Crop/Zoom: 963x388]

Now on the way back, starting with US 3 near Alewife. [Crop/Zoom: 760x1394]

[Crop/Zoom: 1643x1667]

US 3 North into Arlington. [Crop/Zoom: 654x611]

[Crop/Zoom: 572x815]

[Crop/Zoom: 542x913]

Into Winchester still on US 3. [Crop/Zoom: 190x194]

And Woburn. [Crop/Zoom: 434x483]

[Crop/Zoom: 673x1009]

Then Burlington. [Crop/Zoom: 966x838]

And back to I-95 for a bit. [Crop/Zoom: 1216x667]

[Crop/Zoom: 671x349]

[Crop/Zoom: 2176x526]

Coming up on I-93. [Crop/Zoom: 391x424]

[Crop/Zoom: 1975x654]

[Crop/Zoom: 1278x512]

[Crop/Zoom: 1069x641]

And US 1. [Crop/Zoom: 904x456]

128/95 split. [Crop/Zoom: 2116x750]

[Crop/Zoom: 631x519]

Back on US 1 to fill in a missing segment. [Crop/Zoom: 2284x1308]

US 1 North into Topsfield. [Crop/Zoom: 575x552]

[Crop/Zoom: 588x612]

[Crop/Zoom: 1285x782]

[Crop/Zoom: 260x681]

[Crop/Zoom: 440x647]

Then Ipswich. [Crop/Zoom: 470x431]

And Rowley. [Crop/Zoom: 559x617]

[Crop/Zoom: 411x476]

And Newbury. [Crop/Zoom: 526x513]

[Crop/Zoom: 697x1318]

Newburyport. [Crop/Zoom: 565x536]

[Crop/Zoom: 618x611]

[Crop/Zoom: 802x1009]

[Crop/Zoom: 1259x1788]

The big Portsmouth air show was underway when we took I-95 home through New Hampshire (I believe on the 28th, not the 27th). [Crop/Zoom: 1042x1880]

[Crop/Zoom: 494x893]

[Crop/Zoom: 1312x749]
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