Ohio Trip - Cedar Point - August 14, 1998

Our first full day was our visit to Cedar Point. It took about an hour and a half to get there. Over 12 hours to be there, and another hour and a half to get back.

Darren on the way to Cedar Point.

I-80. We're not going that way.

I-90 and Ohio 2 - that's where we're going.

The park from a distance as we cross the causeway.

A zoom-in of the same.

Boats in the lake from the causeway.

I don't know these people. But I do know the first several pictures taken at Cedar Point were lost to a bad disk. This includes pictures from the sky ride and I don't know what else.

The Iron Dragon, Mantis, and the Power Tower.

The Mantis mostly, but the Iron Dragon and Power Tower too.

The Mine Ride. A good coaster.

Mine Ride entrance.

Rick decided to take our picture on Snake River Falls.

And another.


Nathan and Rick coming off the Gemini.


The Raptor from the sky ride, I think.

The park gates as we approach them after lunch. Ham Sandwiches.

Here's how much it costs. We had $10 off coupons.

The Power Tower. No one went on it.

The Raptor, I think.

The view on the ride up to the top of the Iron Dragon.

Still on our way up.

Now on the way down. We were in the front car.

The entrance to Iron Dragon, which we just got off of.

The Giant Wheel.

Gemini at night. I thought there were more pictures after the wheel and before it got dark.

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