Ohio Trip - Cleveland - August 15, 1998

We went up into Cleveland on the 15th. We met Rick's friend, Dr. Mike, and he came with us as we went up the Terminal Tower, visited Tower City, walked along the river through the Flats, walked near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and saw the Omnimax movie Everest at the Science Center. Later we went to Little Italy for the Feast of the Assumption at the Holy Rosary Church but didn't bring the camera. Lots of good food. Too bad we didn't bring the camera because there was a very interesting procession and good fireworks display later.

A view of Cleveland from the observation deck of Terminal Tower.

From the tower again, the new football stadium, the Science Center, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Some buildings near public square from the tower.

Jacobs Field from the tower. This is the best view you can get unless you bought a ticket last winter.

Some sort of art/fountain on the Cuyahoga's East Bank.

A bridge.

That fountain and a bridge.

The flats.

Today's group, Nathan, Darren, Rick, and Dr. Mike.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Science Center.

Terminal Tower, where those earlier pictures were taken. Terminal Tower is the medium-sized one to the right of the really tall one.

The Science Center.

Public transportation in Cleveland.
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