Ohio Trip - the trip home - August 18, 1998

We stuck around until lunch time and got on the road at noon, just in time to hear Rush Limbaugh's take on the big Clinton-Lewinsky news from the night before. Our stops on the way back were at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center on I-90, at Exit 6 on I-90 in PA, at a Rest Area on NY 17 for lunch (ham sandwiches, of course), for gas and cheap soda at that Sunoco just over the PA line again, and at an I-88 rest area near Shenevus. The return trip was 517 miles, longer mainly because of the little detour back to the Bob Evans at Exit 6 in Erie. Again, the trip took about 9 hours. If you're ever heading out that way, I recommend I-88 to NY 17 over the Thruway. I don't know if it takes longer, but it's a much more interesting road, and there are just a few traffic lights left.

Nathan packing up car 2 in front of the Kline home, where we spent the past few days. Thanks again, Mr. and Mrs. Kline.

The four of us just before heading out. Too bad we couldn't all look at the camera.
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