Ohio Trip - Sea World of Ohio - August 17, 1998

Monday was our trip to Sea World of Ohio, just a short trip from Macedonia, on the shores of Geauga Lake. This park has since been sold and much of it has been demolished. Thanks go to Pete Mohan, the former curator of the aquarium exhibits who came across these pictures and sent some more detailed information for the captions in September, 2004. We spent the whole day in the park and had some good food for dinner in Macedonia at the Winking Lizard. Here we had dinner while watching several baseball games (including the Yankees in KC) and a Presidential address.

The entrance.

Sea Lions.

Magellanic Penguins at Patagonia Passage.

Here's a closeup of one.

A roller coaster at Geauga Lake, the other park across the lake.

The end of a sea lion headed offstage in the Clyde and Seamore show.

Clyde and Seamore's stage.

Richard Swimmins with Clyde and Seamore.

Clyde or Seamore.

A sea otter.

One of the stars.

All three of Clyde and Seamore.

The Shamu show - first some Commerson's Dolphins swim with the kayak guy.

Shamu comes out.

Shamu or the other one.

More of the whales.

Shamu shows off.

Pet the Southern stingray. Also pictured - Yellow Tangs.

That roller coaster that Rick wanted to go on but couldn't.

The water ski show from a distance. Close enough for all of us though.

The stony coral display at the aquarium. (All living reef-building corals).

"Tropical Display", a 13,000 gallon indo reef tank. The bigger fish are an emperor angelfish and a unicorn tang.

Pacific Sea Nettle (jellyfish).

The Northwest Pacific Coast exhibit. The fish is a Canary Rockfish. Bat stars, purple urchins, and Tealia anemones in the background.

Fishes of Southern California exhibit. Garabaldi (right), Sheepshead (left), and leopard shark visible at rear.

At the "Wild Wings" bird show.


A very large bird.

The baby bald eagle posing for the new quarter.

A cockatoo.

Shark Encounter. A Sand Tiger shark. I guess it really was too dark in there.

A very fat Sand Tiger shark. (Mr. Mohan says yes, it was on a diet at the time).

Shark food? Porkfish (Mr. Mohan says these were only occasionally shark food, because they kept the sand tigers well fed, as seen above).

Underside of a Nurse Shark.

Pompano or Permit, types of jacks.

Nurse shark resting on the top of the half tunnel, with a school of jacks.

Fish in the shark tank: a grunt, most likely a French or Blue-line.

Sandtiger and sawfish (dark shot).

Underside of the female sawfish.

Nurse shark resting on the bottom.

Squirrelfish (left) and porkfish.

Sand tiger face.

Another nurse shark...perhaps a pacific Nebrius (only one in US).

Sand tiger - head on shot.

Nice reef in the shark tank.

Another Sand Tiger Shark.


A dolphin.

A dolphin getting food.

The Clyde and Saemore parody show.

The Star of Sea World, or maybe not.

Bald Eagle.

Another eagle.

The fake shamu in a fountain at the entrance.
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