Omaha to Naples - July 22-24, 2015

These are the pictures from the third part of our 2015 summer trip, which covers our ride from Papillion, Nebraska, to Naples, Florida. This was just to get there (using at least some new and more interesting roads), but not intended to see much, so almost all pictures are from the roads. Pictures were taken with taken with my Fujifilm Finepix HS50. The pictures are linked from within the text description below.

July 22: Papillion, Nebraska, to Joplin, Missouri

We hit the road at 2:30 and had a good ride for the most part. We hit some traffic in the Kansas City area, so we stopped at a Chick-fil-A for dinner and things had improved by the time we were done. From there, it was an evening ride down one of the newer segments of the Interstate highway system: I-49 down to Joplin. We got in after 9. [58 Pictures from the Road].

July 23: Joplin, Missouri, to Westernmost Georgia on I-20

We got a good start from Joplin, and were on our way around 9. We took I-49 South (parts of which were formerly I-540) through northwestern Arkansas, passing by the home of Wal Mart. We took a left at I-40 and that was our route across Arkansas. We made a lunch stop at Firehouse in Russellville, where the car thermometer registered as high as 116 degrees in the parking lot [2 Pictures]. Other than that, it was just a few gas and other pit stops until lunch at a chicken strip place called Abner's in Tupelo [Picture]. Then, on into the night... We took US 78, some of which is now I-22, across northern Mississippi and Alabama, then I-20 East out of Birmingham. We crossed into Georgia at 10:58 CDT, which became 11:58 EDT, and then two minutes later.... [71 Pictures from the Road].

July 24: Westernmost Georgia on I-20 to Naples, Florida became Friday. It was a quick and easy ride for the most part across to the southern parts of Atlanta metro then down I-75. Stops were just for gas and driver switches, and a quick Dunkin Donuts breakfast. We got in by 10:30.

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