Real Millennium Trip - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, December 29, 2000

Exiting I-64 to head up US 13 to the Bridge-Tunnel.

Last chance to stay in Virginia Beach.

And here we go - we have paid our 10 dollars to cross over to the southern tip of the Delmarva.

Looking back at Virginia Beach.

We've stopped at the gift shop, this is looking out toward the Virginia Beach area again.

Tunnel entrance.

Sea gull posing for a picture.

Closer view of the tunnel entrance. While there are now twin spans for the bridge portions, the tunnels remain one lane in each direction.

4 bridges, 2 tunnels, spanning 17.6 miles.

The pier, which, like many things on this trip, is much more crowded during the summer.

The artificial island where the southernmost tunnel resurfaces.

Looking back toward the South.

Chesapeake Bay.

Looking back from the end of the pier.


Looking at the other end of the tunnel without the zoom.

Waves at this artificial island.

Inside the tunnel.

A boat seen from the center bridge section.

In addition to the tunnels, there is also one section built high enough for many boats to pass under.

We've just about made it - this is the real island that was used, which now houses a wildlife refuge.

And we're across and on the Delmarva.

Ready to head North toward Salisbury.
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