Real Millennium Trip - Rangers vs. Hurricanes, December 27, 2000

Here come the Rangers for the pre-game warmups.

Both teams and some banners and a scoreboard.

Flags and banners.

Still mostly-empty arena.

The Hurricanes warming up.

We're underway. This is an early faceoff in the circle closest to our seats, in the corner near the bottom of the upper bowl.

Brian Leetch of the Rangers.

Leetch and the Hurricanes' Rob DiMaio.

Carolina's Tommy Westlund and the Rangers' Tim Taylor face off.

Save by Kirk McLean, playing in place of the injured Mike Richter.

Another McLean save.

More McLean.

During the intermission, the flying bull came around.

This silly mascot named Stormy (is he a pig, is he a cow, is he just stupid?) fired some prizes to the crowd.

Zamboni people.

The flying bull again.

They turned the lights off and started to shine the Carolina logo (the one that's not nearly as stupid as the one on their uniforms) onto the ice.

Two long-time Whalers/Hurricanes, Ron Francis and Glen Wesley.

A battle on the boards.

Carolina goalie Arturs Irbe.

After Carolina scored their third goal to take a 3-0 lead, the Rangers pulled McLean.

And inserted Vitali Yeremenev, who seemed to be playing for the first time this season, possibly for the first time in his career. And he played well.

The Rangers celebrate their first goal, which made it 3-1. Apparently that changing of the goalie thing works.

And how about that - the Rangers, who were being dominated and in danger of being blown out, came all the way back to tie here late in the 2nd.

Yeremenev is now defending the goal on our end.

And he has some work to do.

Theo Fleury looking to generate some offense for NY.

Action in the far corner.

And a lot of action right down here.

Carolina scores a late goal to take a 4-3 lead. But still, the scoreboard operator can't hear the crowd.

And the Rangers pull the goalie.

Throw in a Carolina penalty, and the Rangers are skating with a 6-on-4 skating advantage.

And they had their chances.

But they failed to score and skated off unhappy.

Carolina was much happier about things.

And that's why.
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