Real Millennium Trip - Leaving the Outer Banks, December 29, 2000

Behind that tree is the Weeping Radish, the place we ate dinner on the 28th.

The bridge taking us off the Outer Banks.

It's a fairly long bridge.

But a nice bridge.

And we arrive in Currituck County.

Following the Hurrican Evacuation Route.

Along US 158.

Until it heads off to Elizabeth City, and we follow NC 168 toward Virginia.

The 168 bypass is still being built around here. At this point, we're on the bypass, but only one lane in each direction is open.

More bypass construction.

The end of the bypass, for now.

And back onto the old 168. But we saw much of it which looks close. Next time down, there should be plenty more open.

Back to the interstate, now on I-64 in Chesapeake, Virginia.
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