Real Millennium Trip - Virginia and North Carolina, December 27, 2000

Back on the road in Richmond. We're approaching the stadium where the Richmond Braves play.

And there it is.

Approaching what seems to be a pretty significant construction project along I-95.

Lots of future overpasses.

Approaching the I-95/I-85 split in Petersburg.

The I-95/I-85 split in Petersburg. Notice (if you look very closely) the distant control cities of Miami and Atlanta on the signs.

Yes, we're now in I-85.

And just about in North Carolina.

They call it I-85 here too.

There's a gas station and if you look closely, a US 1 sheild.

We've made it to the Raleigh Beltline, going South on US 1 and on the Outer loop of I-440.
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