Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Syracuse Chiefs, Alliance Bank Stadium, Syracuse, New York - April 19, 2007

The early innings.

Kevin Reese leading off for the Yankees. [Crop/Zoom: 1241x1798]

Syracuse starter Geremi Gonzalez. [Crop/Zoom: 801x1468]

Alberto Gonzalez. [Crop/Zoom: 1722x2527]

Bronson Sardinha. [Crop/Zoom: 1062x1834]

Russ Adams. [Crop/Zoom: 1340x1677]

Adams led off the bottom of the first with a home run. [Crop/Zoom: 1065x1029]

He hit it off of Ross Ohlendorf. [Crop/Zoom: 936x1866]

[Crop/Zoom: 1833x2484]

[Crop/Zoom: 911x1615]

John-Ford Griffin. [Crop/Zoom: 1090x1565]

Andy Phillips on deck. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

Andy Phillips. [Crop/Zoom: 1669x2384]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

Eric Duncan. [Crop/Zoom: 1193x2359]

[Crop/Zoom: 2051x2251]

Shelly Duncan. [Crop/Zoom: 2669x2201]

Andrew Beattie. [Crop/Zoom: 1590x2302]

John Hattig. [Crop/Zoom: 1519x2534]

Andy Phillips playing second. [Crop/Zoom: 486x1054]

Ohlendorf. [Crop/Zoom: 886x1815]

Sal Fasano. There are lots of pictures of him because I know someone who knows him. [Crop/Zoom: 1609x2509]

[Crop/Zoom: 2513x2573]

[Crop/Zoom: 2105x2230]

Sparse crowd. [Full size: 3488x2616]

Fasano. [Crop/Zoom: 1090x1862]

Chris Basak. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Raul Chavez? [Larger: 1744x1308]

Gonzalez. [Crop/Zoom: 1590x1765]

Reese and Fasano. Former Yankee teammates. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Scranton/W-B third base coach and former Yankee Alvaro Espinoza. [Crop/Zoom: 1333x2016]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]
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