Rochester - May 23-25, 2019

These are the pictures from our Memorial Day weekend trip to Rochester.

May 23: Ride to Rochester

We departed after school, expecting an uneventful ride out the Thruway. Our ride became a bit more interesting when we left the Thruway to avoid a large traffic problem east of Syracuse and ended up on Route 31 along the shore of Oneida Lake, which included a stop at Chapman Park in Lakeport [7 Pictures][6 People Pictures]. The detour led us conveniently to North Syracuse for Chick-fil-A for the adults and Moe's for the kids. It was an easy ride out to our hotel in Henrietta from there. [17 Pictures from the Roads].

May 24: Rochester

For our full day in Rochester, we had two things planned after a leisurely start [Picture]. First, we spent much of the day at the Strong Museum of Play [4 Pictures][12 People Pictures, 2 Movies], which we enjoyed a lot. Then we drove up to Ontario Beach Park to check out Lake Ontario [13 Pictures][3 People Pictures]. Later, we visited the local Duff's restaurant for some good WNY wings, followed by dessert from a local ice cream shop [Picture]. [24 Pictures from the Roads].

May 25: Letchworth State Park and Ride Home

We decided that a ride down to and through Letchworth State Park was our choice for the best thing to do before our drive home. We drove the main park road from north to south, making several stops along the way: the Mount Morris Dam [3 Pictures][4 People Pictures], the Hogsback overlook [3 Pictures][People Picture], a bit of Trail 18 [9 Pictures][8 People Pictures], the Gardeau Overlook [3 Pictures], Wolf Creek [7 Pictures][4 People Pictures], Great Bend Overlook [12 Pictures][People Picture], the Lower Falls [15 Pictures][10 People Pictures], and the Upper Falls (where we also got some lunch) [9 Pictures][10 People Pictures]. After the park, we took some lesser traveled roads for a while, stopped at the Waterloo Outlets, got dinner to eat on the road in East Syracuse (Firehouse Subs), and were home before too late. [51 Pictures from the Roads]. - Fri Jun 14 23:48:41 EDT 2019