RPI CS Picnic, September 12, 1998

These pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera at the RPI Computer Science picnic at Grafton Lakes State Park on September 12, 1998. Thanks to our photographers, who included Gorik Nishanov, Amitha Perera, Terry Hayden, Pam Paslow, and Rick Kline, for taking all these pictures.

All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display.

Darren, Toshi, and others

The grill


Terry and Charlene

Darren and Toshi

McNaughtons, Skolnicks, and Stewarts

Tugrul serves in the volleyball game

Prasad prepares to make a pass

Eric goes up for a hit

Hitesh and Prof. Szymanski

Amitha serves

Prof. Szymanski setting

Pam arrives

Justin pitches

Louis checking on the veggie grill

Brian serves in the volleyball game

Tending the grill

Eric and Anzhela

Profs. Luk and Ingalls

Prof. Ingalls waiting for a burger

Jim serving

Alex getting ready for the ball

Amitha serve

Yanbing and Selim


Kevin and Justin going for the ball


Keecia, Kimberly and Nathan around the grill

Margaret, Maria, and Rick await food

Mike and Scout meet CC and his dog

Up close with Roddy

Meisha and Roddy


Profs. Luk and Shuey



Anzhela, Gorik, Prof. Szymanski, and Bill



Eric and Shannon


Eric again

Brian and Houda


Prof. Schupp

Roddy and his frisbee

Hitesh takes a swing, warming up for the big softball game. The "in the department for less than three years" team defeated the old-timers, but we put up a good fight.

Prof Stewart pitches

Hitesh gets a hit

Darren going back on a batted ball

CC takes a swing

Rawl makes a catch

Louis goes after a batted ball

Prof. Stewart

Justin makes contact


The Stokes

Kishore and Anil

Charlene and Quincy

Kelly and Quincy

The McNaughtons

Jingyan and Prof. Musser


The Skolnicks

The Spooners



Anzhela and Gorik

Leah and Gregory with Scout

Nathan in a flash


Laura with Lucy


Gregory and Ekta

Profs. Zaki and Spooner



Prof. Stewart and Carolyn

Volleyball - round 2. If it wasn't for darkness, we might have had a few more "one last game" games.



Scout and Maria
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