Rummy - March and October, 1986

These pictures were taken with a Polaroid Sun 600 instant camera in Amsterdam, New York in 1986 and (much) later scanned in. Images are shown at a resolution of 512x619, but are also available in their full-size 1024x1238 original scans by clicking on the links after the captions.

Rummy in the new master bedroom. March 16, 1986. [1024x1245]

Rummy in the master bedroom. March 20, 1986. [1024x1245]

Rummy wearing shades outside on a warm Easter Sunday. March 30, 1986. [1024x1245]

Rummy with her injured ear (obtained in a fight with neighbor dog Sunshine). [1024x1245]

Rummy with her injured ear. [1024x1245]
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