Odd Speed Limits

Everyone sees signs for speed limits like 30, 45 or 65. But how often do you see these? This is my small but very slowly growing list of odd speed limit signs.

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Five Dollars Fine For Riding or Driving on This Bridge Faster Than A Walk Taken at the Blair Bridge, a covered bridge just east of US 3 and I-93 in Campton, New Hampshire. [Closer view] January 2, 2003.
Caution, Watch for Pedestrians on Ramp, Speed Limit, 4 MPH Taken in the parking garage for a mall in San Diego. May 15, 2004.
Yellow warning sign: T, Slow, 6 M.P.H. Taken in Belmont, Massachusetts. [Closer View] July 1, 2010.
Speed Limit 7 Taken in a parking garage in Erie, Pennsylvania. [Closer View] July 27, 2022.
Speed Limit 8 MPH Taken in the parking garage of the Portsmouth Renaissance in Portsmouth, Virginia. [Closer view] March 13, 2001.
Two Way Traffic, Keep Right, Speed Limit 8 MPH Taken in Tampa, in a parking garage at the St. Pete Times Forum. [Closer View] January 20, 2003.
Yellow Warning Sign: 5 Axles or More, Weight/Max Speed, 50000-65000/18, 65000-75000/13, 75000-85000/11 Taken on US 160 West descending from Wolf Creek Pass. [Closer View] November 15, 2003.
Speed Limit 13 Taken in Broadalbin, New York. [Closer View] October 1, 2023.
Speed Limit 14 Why? This is taken in the Disneyland parking lot, and a reader of this page pointed out that the trams can operate without seat belts under California law because the traffic speed is less than 15 MPH. June 28, 2000.
19 MPH Taken on Mission Park Drive, entering the Williams College campus in Williamstown, Massachusetts. [Closer View] December 20, 2002.
Speed Limit 23 Taken in a development near Petoskey, Michigan. [Closer View] July 12, 2007.
Yellow Ramp Advisory: Ramp, 75 M.P.H. Taken on I-44 West in Oklahoma. [Closer View] March 13, 2011.
Advisory speed signs: 100 in rain Taken on A-49 East in Spain. [Closer View] June 22, 2023.

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