State of the Map US - September 5-8, 2019

These are the pictures from a trip to Minneapolis to present at the 2019 State of the Map US conference. The pictures on the pages linked below were taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ80 and iPad Pro.

September 4: Flights to MSP

After teaching classes and lab, the flights from ALB to MDW and then on to MSP were fine. Got the rental car [Picture] and set off to Eden Prairie to check into the hotel.

September 5: Day to Explore

With no class meetings on Thursdays for Fall 2019, this day was available to explore the area before the conference. I decided to go pretty big and drove almost 600 miles over 12 hours. It's not often I can drive that far and hit nearly all previously untraveled routes, but I did. Other than a few miles of I-229 and I-90 near Sioux Falls, it's all new. Starting and ending at my hotel in Eden Prairie, my route was US 212 -> US 71 -> US 14 -> US 75 -> IA 9 -> SD 42 -> I-229 -> I-90 -> I-29 -> US 12 -> I-494. Stops were at Redwood Falls [6 Pictures][18 Pictures], lunch in Sioux Falls [Picture], and the ball of twine in Darwin made famous by Weird Al [10 Pictures], plus a fillup, and a takeout dinner from Famous Dave's to bring back to the room. [69 Other Pictures From the Roads].

September 6: First Day of SotM US, Twins Game

I drove in from Eden Prairie in the morning [2 Pictures] to attend the full day of the conference [Picture]. After the conference, I took the train over to Target Field to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Minnesota Twins [5 Pictures]. Cleveland won, 6-2.

September 7: Second Day of SotM US

This was a full day at the conference, and the only pictures are from the rides in and out of Minneapolis [15 Pictures].

September 8: More SotM, Exploring, and Flights Home

The conference had just a half day left, but it included my talk. After the conference ended with a brief lunch, I stayed around a bit longer to use the network to get a little work done, walked around the U of M campus a bit [4 Pictures], then went for another (shorter, but still significant) ride to explore the area [25 Pictures]. This time it was to the north, and ended at the airport car rental return. The flights home, again via MDW, were uneventful. - Sun Jul 5 20:24:38 EDT 2020