Squaw Valley USA - January 13, 2002

This was an amazingly warm day at Squaw Valley. The temperature was 50 or higher, yet the snow was still mostly crusty. There was a lot of snow a few weeks earlier, but some rain in early January made a lot of the terrain too icy to ski. Parts softened up in the bright sunshine, but lots of places were closed. It was warm enough in the sun to eat lunch outside at 8,000 feet above sea level in mid-January and not need a jacket.

Approaching the turnoff for Squaw Valley from California 89 North. [800x600][1600x1200]

The entrance. The 1960 Olympics were held here. [800x600][1600x1200]

Approaching Squaw Valley. [800x600][1600x1200]

In the parking lot. [800x600][1600x1200]

Also in the parking lot in the morning. There is some major construction going on at the base. [800x600][1600x1200]

A view of the tram that takes you from the base lodge to the High Camp area, which is another big lodge complete with an Olympic museum and skating rink. [800x600][1600x1200]

A close view of the tram. [800x600][1600x1200]

Now at the end of the day, another view from the parking lot. [800x600][1600x1200]

From the parking lot. [800x600][1600x1200]

One more. [800x600][1600x1200]
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