Tallahassee, Florida, to Lafayette, Louisiana - August 27, 2003

Mostly I-10.

I-10 West near Tallahassee. [2048x1536]

It got an hour earlier.

Taken on I-10 West.

I believe this is my 1000th county.

More I-10 in the Florida Panhandle. [2048x1536]

Look, a US 331.

Heading south toward the Gulf.

Too bad this one is blurred, it's a nice name for a town.


Heading back inland in Pensacola.

Back on I-10 West nearing the Alabama border.

And there it is. [2048x1536]

Being welcomed to Alabama. [2048x1536]

Still on I-10 in Alabama.

I-10 in Mobile. [2048x1536]

More I-10 in Mobile.

Coming up on the southern terminus of I-65 on I-10. [2048x1536]

Continuing on I-10 in Alabama.

Getting back onto I-10 after a stop in Grand Bay, Alabama.

Arrival in Mississippi on I-10. [2048x1536]

Being welcomed to Mississippi. [2048x1536]

An exit in Mississippi on I-10.

Continuing west in Mississippi.

Near the southern terminus of US 49.

There it is.

There's a space center in Mississippi, too.

The first thing Louisiana tells us is how much they're spending on the construction zone just across the border.

Then we find out what parish (Louisiana for "county") we are entering.

Then finally, we are welcomed to Louisiana. [2048x1536]

Soon, we get to the junction of I-10, I-12, and I-59.

Approaching that junction.

Continuing on I-10 toward New Orleans.

Near Slidell.

Coming up to one of the many bridges that carry I-10 to New Orleans. [2048x1536]

There's an I-510 down here.

View of New Orleans in the distance. [2048x1536]

There's an I-610 also.

Some big numbers.

Back on I-10, passing I-310.

Coming up on the southern terminus of I-55.

Taking I-55 since there was a radio report of traffic trouble on I-10 near Baton Rouge.

Onto I-55. The road to Chicago.

Arrival at I-12.

A shield there on I-12.

Almost the western terminus of I-12.

The merge of I-12 traffic onto I-10 West in Baton Rouge.
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