Ride to Florida - June 27-29, 2014

These are the road, sign, and a few scenery pictures from our ride from Amsterdam, New York, to Naples, Florida. We took a more westerly route than usual to help avoid holiday traffic in the big cities.

Friday, June 27 - Amsterdam, New York, to Christiansburg, Virginia

Our goal for day 1 was Christiansburg, Virginia. We left home at 9:00, then were on our way out of Amsterdam after a few stops by 9:30. I-88 and I-81 were mostly uneventful. We bypassed a bit of I-81 near Harrisburg to avoid some traffic, and took the western bypass of Winchester, Virginia, just for something different [7 Roads Pictures]. We got in (for Ella's first night in a hotel [2 Pictures]) before 10 PM.

Saturday, June 28 - Christiansburg, Virginia, to around Valdosta, Georgia

We were not in a great rush and got started from Chambersburg after 9:30. The plan was to take our time during the day, making a few stops, then to push on through the night to Naples. We drove down through southwestern Virginia [7 Roads and Signs Pictures] and into northeastern Tennessee [4 Roads and Signs Pictures]. Our first stop was at Cloud Park in Kingsport, Tennessee [4 Pictures]. We drove down to the Knoxville area for lunch and then on to Chattanooga [40 Road and Sign Pictures]. In Chattanooga, we took a ride up Lookout Mountain with a stop at Point Park [16 Pictures][6 People Pictures]. Afterward, it was back out of Chattanooga and into Georgia [24 Road and Sign Pictures]. Just before midnight, we made a gas stop in Tifton, and it became...

Sunday, June 29 - around Valdosta, Georgia, to Naples, Florida

...Sunday. We had a quick and easy ride in the early morning hours on I-75, and arrived in Naples around 6:30 AM.

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