The trip out, May 28, 1999

The trip out - May 28, 1999. Troy, NY to Niagara Falls, NY.

On the Thruway.

A car.

A farm.

Not far now.

More farms.

Service Area.

Service Area.


The digital camera.

Buffalo tolls.

EZ Pass at the Buffalo Tolls.

Our exit.

Not sure why we have a picture of this.



A truck on I-290.

Signs for I-990, the highest-numbered interstate in the system.

More I-990.

More I-990.

US62. Did you know it goes from Niagara Falls to El Paso, Texas?

Overhead sign.

McDonalds. Nathan must want dinner.

And some coke.

Getting on I-190 North.

The bridge on I-190 to get onto Grand Island.

The bridge.

More bridge.

More bridge.

Secret sign.

Some amusement park.

Made it.
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