Utah for Supercomputing '16 - November 12-17, 2016

I was able to attend Supercomputing 2016 as part of my Siena startup, and these are the pictures from the Salt Lake City area from that trip. Nearly all of the pictures were taken with my Fujifilm Finepix HS50 camera, with just a few mixed in from my iPad Air 2. Pictures are linked from within the trip report below.

Saturday, November 12 - Amsterdam, New York, to Sandy, Utah, via Albany, Chicago, and Salt Lake City

My flights were not until late afternoon. The only picture from the day were from the first flight from Albany to Chicago Midway [5 Pictures]. I arrived in SLC on time and got down to Sue and Cory's in Sandy for the night before too late.

Sunday, November 13 - Sandy, Utah, and a Ride

The main picture-worthy part of the day was a loop Sue was willing to take up to the Park City area, then back down through Sundance and Provo, then around Utah Lake [38 Pictures]. Later, I took a walk to a park near their house in Sandy with Cory and the dogs [7 Pictures]. After that, it was back at the house for a nice dinner.

Monday, November 14 - Ride then Supercomputing '16

Before heading to the conference, I took a couple hours in the morning to take a ride north and east of Salt Lake to drive a few roads I had not previously driven [57 Pictures]. After that ride and a Chick-fil-A lunch, the rest of the day was at the conference, ending with the opening gala for the exhibit hall.

Tuesday, November 15 - Supercomputing '16

This was a full day at the conference [2 Pictures]. Lunch came from a place called the Taste of Red Iguana at the shopping center adjacent to the conference center, and dinner with several people at the Green Pig Pub.

Wednesday, November 16 - Supercomputing '16

This was another full day at the conference. Afterward, I drove out to a hotel near the airport, with a Zaxby's dinner on the way. It had also started to snow by the time I checked in.

Thursday, November 17 - SLC to Amsterdam, New York, via Baltimore and Albany

This travel day started early. The flight out of SLC left in the snow [Picture]. Not much of note the rest of the day.

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