Oneonta Tigers vs. Tri-City ValleyCats, Troy, New York - July 7, 2006

These pictures were taken with my Fujifilm Finepix S9000 digital camera at Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy, New York, at the New York-Penn League baseball game between the Oneonta Tigers and Tri-City ValleyCats. The game set a ValleyCats franchise record for longest game at 18 innings, but was still done in just over 4 hours.

Images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but many are available either full-size or cropped from the 3488x2616 originals by clicking on the links after the captions.

The Joe. [3488x2616]

ValleyCats starter and Watervliet native Christopher Salamida. [Closer]


Scott Sizemore bats for the Tigers.

It's a plunger toss promotion. [Closer]

Cesar Quintero bats for Tri-City. [3488x2616]

Tim Torres. [3488x2616]

Eric Taylor. [3488x2616]

Taylor swings. He singled. [3488x2616]

Chris Johnson. [3488x2616]

It's big head David Letterman. [Closer]

Jordan Parraz. [3488x2616]

James Van Ostrand. [3488x2616]

Max Sapp on second after a second-inning double. [Closer]

Nick Moresi. [3488x2616]

Greg Buchanan. [3488x2616]

Moresi is on second after an RBI double. [Closer]

Buchanan lines to second to end the second. [Closer]

Tae Kwon Do demonstration. [Closer]

Salamida returns to the dugout after striking out the side in order in the third. [Closer]

Big head Bill Cosby. [Closer]

Sapp bats in the fourth with Parraz on first on a walk. [3488x2616]

Sapp takes a pitch. [3488x2616]

Big head Barbra Striesand and Rocky go out to pick on the umpire. [Closer]

Salamida works into the fifth. [Closer]


Salamida completes 5. [Closer]

Southwest flight coming in for a landing. [Closer]

Tom Brookens is not happy wth a call at first. [Closer]

Big head Jack Nicholson and 98-year-old guy. [Closer]

Kyle DeYoung on in relief for the Cats. [Closer]


Ryan Strieby.

Van Ostrand holds on Strieby.

Johnson fields a grounder at third. [Closer]

Streiby is forced at second. [Closer]

First and second for Oneonta in the 7th. [3488x2616]

4-3 groundout.

Then a 5-3 to end the threat.

Sammy Baseball.

Southpaw running the trash game.

Oneonta's starter Matt O'Brien still on the mound in the 8th. [Closer]

The Cats get 2 on in the 8th. [Closer]

Bud Norris on to pitch. [Closer]

Cory Lapinski got into big trouble in the 11th. 2 walks and a hit meant bases loaded and no one out.

Manager Gregg Langbehn returns.

Bases loaded, none out, infield in. [3488x2616]

Lapinski looking for a way out of the mess.

After a popup and a strikeout, the infield can move back. [3488x2616]

Another strikeout, and the game stays 1-1 through 10 1/2.

Whatever Langbehn said, it worked. [Closer]

To the bottom of the 11th. Moresi leads off.

He grounded out, but the next batter was Buchanan and he doubled. [Closer]

The team is at the top step, hoping to see the game-winner. [3488x2616]

Quintero is up. He struck out.

The Torres was intentionally walked. [Closer]

Then Taylor.

He walked.

Bases loaded with Cats, 2 outs in the 11th. [3488x2616]

Buchanan with the potential winning run at third. [3488x2616]

Johnson lines out to end the threat.

New pitcher for Oneonta in the 12th, Casey Fien.

Parraz leads off a 1-2-3 12th.

The big head Letterman is back, with Sammy Baseball and some dancing kids. [Closer]

Rocky's still here too.

Back to baseball - Buchanan on first and Quintero up in the 13th. [3488x2616]

After a popup, it's up to Torres. He struck out. On to the 14th.

Big head Elvis.

Now to the 15th, Van Ostrand on first for Moresi with one out. [3488x2616]

And then Van Ostrand on third after a Buchanan double. 2nd and 3rd with 2 out. [3488x2616]

Quintero with a chance to win it.

The bench would like this thing to end. Lots of fans, too. [3488x2616]

But Quintero grounds out. On to the 16th.

Lapinski is still pitching here after the top of the 16th. He was outstanding. [Closer]


Oneonta keeps running out good pitching. Jose Fragoso on for the 16th.

Fragoso threw two perfect innings. [Closer]

On to pitch for the ValleyCats in the 18th is Chad Wagler.

Oneonta mounts a threat.

Pick off move.

Wagler ended up giving up an RBI double down the line. 2-1 Tigers going to the bottom of the 18th.

Oneonta brings on their closer, Brett Jensen. [Closer]

After a Moresi single, Buchanan attempts a bunt. [3488x2616]

After a stolen base and an error, Moresi is on third with one out. Infield in. [3488x2616]

Moresi the potential tying run. [Closer]

It's up to Quintero.

Suicide squeeze! But it's a popup. The first baseman caught the popup and easily doubled Moresi off third. Game over.

Final on the board.

Tigers scorecard. [3488x2616]

ValleyCats scorecard. [3488x2616]
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