Coors Field in Denver, April 12, 2002

These pictures are taken at the National League game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on April 12, 2002. The D-backs won, 8-3.

Outside Coors Field before the game. [800x600][1600x1200]

The main entrance behind home plate. [800x600][1600x1200]

Nice seats, down the third base line in the 9th row. [800x600][1600x1200]



Curt Schilling comes in from the bullpen before the game. [800x600][1600x1200]

Rockies starter Mike Hampton. [800x600][1600x1200]


A Schilling pitch. [800x600][1600x1200]

I think this is Todd Helton batting. [800x600][1600x1200]

View of downtown from the walkway of the upper deck. [800x600][1600x1200]

View from the first base side upper deck. If it wasn't cloudy, there would be a great sunset over the Rockies. [800x600][1600x1200]



Back downstairs, but from the walkway near the Arizona dugout. It's a Rockies rally - bases loaded off Schilling. [800x600][1600x1200]

Later - the fountains erupt following a Larry Walker home run. [800x600][1600x1200]

Seventh inning stretch. [800x600][1600x1200]

Arizona relief pitcher Mike Myers delivers. [800x600][1600x1200]

Arizona relief pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim delivers. [800x600][1600x1200]

Final line. [800x600][1600x1200]
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