Edison International Field, June 30, 2000

Jennifer got us tickets near the right field foul pole to see the Anaheim Angels take on the Oakland Athletics.

A blurred picture early in the game. Possibly Mo Vaughn batting.

A nice view of the Edison Field outfield. This is really a nice stadium now.

The rocks and waterfalls in center field. Disney was here. Disney is everywhere at this stadium. Even the concession stand workers are called "cast members" just like all other Disney employees.

They pass the cupholder test. Very good. I'm also happy to report that the hot dog was pretty good and the Angels cap was only $10, compared to the $20 cap at Dodger Stadium.

A nice view as the sun goes behind the left field grandstand.

Tim Salmon near us in Right Field.

They shoot off fireworks when the Angels hit a home run.

And fountains go too.

And a nasty haze settles in over the field.

Terrence Long and Matt Stairs in right center.

They have a scoreboard. And a URL.

Uh oh, another Angels home run.

And more fountains. The Angels hit three home runs in the 6th to blow the game open. The haze that remained caused some visibility problems.

Angels starter Brian Cooper. He pitched a nice game. And Mo Vaughn over at first.

Angels infielders: 2B: Adam Kennedy, SS: Benji Gil, 3B: Troy Glaus. Trivia for the night - not only did the Angels start two players named "Benji" or "Bengie" in this game (Gil and catcher Molina), they both hit home runs in the sixth inning. I bet that has never happened before.

People in our section.

It's dark now.

Cast member/security people.

Counting the strikes during the seventh inning stretch.

Angels retired numbers.

Eriselda, Mike, and Jennifer.

Eriselda and Jennifer.

Mike has taken over the camera.

He still has the camera.

The camera man in the rocks in center field.

Looks like a groundout.

This looks like a wave, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have taken a picture of it if it was. Maybe Mike has the camera again.

People in the bleachers.

Randy Velarde's day. I like the "FLYOUT-CF!!" in the 4th - this was an amazing catch by Garrett Anderson. You've probably seen highlights of it.

Cooper is still in there to close it out.

But someone is up behind him just in case.

Velarde makes out and there is more water and fire from the rocks.

Happy Angels.

They won, 7-0. A three-hitter for Mr. Cooper.

The press box area.

There was a fireworks display after the game which we didn't stick around for. But when we got outside, we couldn't find the car and ended up walking all the way around the stadium. Here's the main entrance behind home plate.

And there are some of those fireworks we're not staying for.

And more.

A better camera would do a better job with this, probably.

Not bad.

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