Disneyland, June 28, 2000

This isn't much of a picture, but it was dark and that's really supposed to be something at Disneyland.

But you came here to find out why the new Disneyland trams are red, didn't you? Well, thanks to Jennifer Rizzo's memory, we have the answer:


...Books are READ, too
...And TWO and TWO is four
...And FOUR is one third of a ruler
...And a RULER was Queen Mary
...And Queen Mary is a ship that sails on the ocean
...And fish live in the OCEAN
...And FISH have fins
...And The FINS fought the Russians
...And The RUSSIANS are red
...And the new Disneyland trams are always RUSHIN' around
...AND THAT'S why the new Disneyland trams are RED.

They are in fact red.

You can tell that better during the day, though.

That's actually one of the old blue and yellow trams that these red ones are replacing.

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