A Trail near the Lake Quinault Lodge, June 25, 2000

Here we go off into the rain forest.

Trees and a bit of sunlight coming through. It looked more interesting in person.

A big tree has fallen.

Roddy and Andrew near a big tree.

Looking up at that tree.

More views from the trail.

A waterfall.

That same waterfall.

They named the creek "Falls Creek".

More falls.

Amitha again where he's probably not supposed to be.

Yes, it's a waterfall.

Amitha and a waterfall.

Just the waterfall.

Some bright orange berries.

Yes, it looks like a rain forest all right.

A look downstream from a bridge.

Roddy and Andrew on ahead near an interesting-looking tree.

More nice views.

Count the rings. This tree had fallen (along with many others) during a harsh storm, and it was cut to clear the hiking trail.

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