Mount St. Helens Johnston Ridge Observatory, June 24, 2000

A look from the parking lot of the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

This area was actually behind Johnston Ridge and was still totally wiped out.

The back side of Johnston Ridge, facing away from St. Helens.

Looking away from the volcano from behind Johnston Ridge.

Again, the back side of Johnston Ridge. Some of the trees here got to remain standing, at least a bit.

More former trees.

And there it is - the crater.

Zooming into the crater, looking at the lava dome.

The side of Johnston Ridge facing the volcano.

The pumice plain, now being carved out a bit by 20 years of runoff.

The volcano and the pumice plain.

Still in the clouds.

Some vegetation is starting to return.

Off in the distance, another volcano, but one which hasn't erupted as recently. Mt. Adams.

The walkway on Johnston Ridge. Johnston was around here when the big explosion came in 1980.

Spirit Lake, which took the brunt of the explosion. The lake actually washed up onto the mountain, taking all of the trees back down with it. The lake moved significantly during the eruption.

That's what it looked like before.

A look over toward Spirit Lake.

Roddy taking pictures.



Andrew, a volcano, and Rick.

Some random people and the observatory with two volcanos reflected in the glass.


Rick taking a picture.

The remains of a tree, now in the building.

The clouds are breaking up, giving a better view of the volcano.

The back side of the ridge again.

Looking down toward the Toutle River.

Mt. Adams again.

Spirit Lake again.

Roddy, Rick, Nathan, a volcano, and Amitha.

The building. There is a very good movie in there showing how it all happened.

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