New Windsor and West Point, July 3, 1999

These pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica FD-7 digital camera in New Windsor and West Point, NY on July 3, 1999. All images are 24-bit JPEGs and should be viewed on a 24-bit display. Quality is likely to be very poor when viewed on an 8-bit display.

The theater in New Windsor where we went to see The Phantom Menace with better sound than we can get in Albany.

The theater again.

A view of the Hudson from the US Military Academy in West Point.

A big house on the other side of the river.

More Hudson.

Buildings at West Point.

Darren, Maria, and Rick at West Point.

Memorial to Thaddeus Kosciuszko (you know, the twin bridges guy).

So this is what he did before he built the twin bridges.

View from the Kosciuszko monument.

Looking back the other way at the academy buildings.

Kosciuszko monument again.

Cannon that was just fired in salute of the flag as it was being taken down for the evening.


The flag being lowered.

The flag being lowered.

New cadets running around.

Lots of cadets. It seems that this is the day the class of 2003 arrives for their first training.

A Civil War memorial.

Looking up the Hudson.
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