Arches National Park - Windows Area

This is a popular spot at Arches, and in fact is the one stop they recommended for people with limited time in the park. There is an amazing concentration of arches in this small area. We found a spot to park, loaded up our water bottles, and walked around. You really need the water in the dry heat of this park. And it wasn't even that hot on this day, probably not warmer than the mid 80's.

Double Arch. Notice the second arch behind the main one.

It's dry out here.

Heading out to the Windows.

Approaching the North Window.

Closer to North Window.

Inside the North Window. looking at its side.

People in the shadow cast by the top of North Window.

Looking back at the parking area and the Double Arch area from North Window.

Amitha in North Window's shadow.

North Window again.

South Window from the trail from North Window to Turret Arch.

Turret Arch.

Looking back at North and South Windows from Turret.


Amitha under the Turret Arch.

And again, Amitha can't resist the temptation to climb on things.

And he made it to the top.
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