Custer State Park

If you want to see prairie wildlife, Custer State Park is the place to go. These pictures are from a trip around the Wildlife Loop Road, which runs 18 miles around the outer edge of the park.

We didn't see too much wildlife at first.

Then came a herd of bison well off the side of the road.

This is how you can tell there is something to see.

This guy was all alone right near the road.

He got tired of posing after a while.

Another herd, this time near a pond.

Not sure what this is, but maybe a whitetail deer?

The animals seem to have the right of way in this park.

The burros are a popular stop.

This one is coming over to check us out.

And now is blocking the road.

There are some horses here too.

He really wants us to give him some food.

Cameras are not food.


Another bison near the prairie dog village.

A prairie dog in the prairie dog village.

This one was afraid to come out too far.

This one just looked around a bit first.

Then got more and more brave.

Sees something he wants.

And comes out to get it. They're very large for animals with such small heads.

This one is posing in the classic prairie dog pose.


It seems there were fires here quite a while back. The trees are very slow to recover.

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