Crossing the Mississippi River on I-90 from Wisconsin into Minnesota.

Nathan's picture of the Saturn getting off the exit. [Bigger]

A Mississippi River lock near the rest area.

The rest area.

Nathan's picture of the rest area. [Bigger]

That lock again.

Nathan's picture of the lock. [Bigger]

The sign on the bridge was small and we missed it, so we took a picture of this nicer sign welcoming us to Minnesota.

I-90 up on the hill near the rest area.

The underside of I-90 as it crosses the Mississippi.

And the river itself. Next time we see it, it will be bigger.

One of Nathan's pictures of the river. [Bigger]

Nathan's picture of a riverboat. [Bigger]

Amitha taking a picture of the river.

The water wasn't drinkable here, so we couldn't refill water bottles (Nathan picture). [Bigger]
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