Mud Volcano Area

The first thermal feature we saw, at the parking lot of the Mud Volcano area.

The Dragon's Mouth Spring, described above.

More of the Dragon's Mouth Spring

More of the Dragon's Mouth Spring

More, from Nathan. [Bigger]

This is the Mud Volcano. It looked a little more impressive this time than I remember in 1989, but not as much as 1985.

Mud Volcano from Nathan's collection. [Bigger]

A bison ignoring the crowd on the nearby walkway at Sour Lake.

Nathan's picture of the bison. [Bigger]

Sour Lake. It's bubbling a little out in the middle.

Here are those bubbles.

That bison next to Sour Lake again.

The Black Dragon's Caldron.

Strong boiling action in the caldron.

The area between Black Dragon's Caldron and Sour Lake.

Same idea. [Bigger]

Churning Caldron

Closer view of the churning.

A different view of this caldron.

Nathan's picture of me and Amitha approaching Churning Caldron. [Bigger]

Churning Caldron. [Bigger]

Churning Caldron. [Bigger]

The stream through Sizzling Basin.

This part really does sound like bacon cooking.


Nice view. [Bigger]

Mud Geyser.

The Mud Caldron again.

Mud Caldron by Nathan. [Bigger]

A new thermal feature which has appeared in the parking lot..

Same. [Bigger]
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